Read these guidelines  

Really. Read them. They tell you what we want, and why would you send us something we don't want?   

We want 

  • beautiful writing showing
  • engaging characters in
  • science fiction or fantasy settings.

We don't want:

  • isms - We want stories with a modern  perspective, not worlds that recreate historical mistakes. If your story  is about gender relations, by all means have subservient women (or  subservient men, or subservient gender neutrals) if it's relevant. If  that's not what your story's about, we're not interested in a  standard medieval model where men are in charge because they're men, or a distant future world where skin color (or sexual orientation, or ...)  works just like it does today. Dream bigger.
  • retreads - we don't mind if the concept  of your story is something the world has seen before, so long as you do  something new with it. But don't send us Tolkien and Clarke with the  names changed and a fresh coat of paint.
  • trends - unless you've done something really unusual with the concept, no vampires, werewolves, zombies, military SF, or time travel.

Vegan bonus points
You'll  get bonus points if your world is vegan. We're not looking for  manifestos; we don't want them, and if your world isn't vegan, we won't  hold it against you. If your story doesn't say anything one way or the  other, we'll count it as vegan.

How many bonus points?
Some. Not a lot. The first criterion is a good story; without that, you don't stand a chance. 

What's a vegan?   
Here's one definition. Quick check: if your characters eat, wear, or ride animals, they're not vegan.


Follow an anonymized version of the industry standard format defined by William Shunn. He has templates available, or you can use ours. Use italics for emphasis, not underlining. Use smart/curly quotes. Do not include your name or other identifying information anywhere in the document or the filename. If you do, the story will be rejected, and you'll have to wait a week to submit it again.  If you don't wait a week, we'll reject the piece outright, with no chance to resubmit.

Your story should be in one of the following file formats: ODT, DOC, DOCX. If you're submitting an ODT, please add a few blank lines at the bottom. Otherwise Submittable's presentation manager will cut off the last line of your story.


Make doubly sure your document and file name don't contain your name, address, email, or other identifying information. If either one does, we'll reject the story.

Legal name

Make sure your Submittable account shows your legal name and address. If it doesn't, and we accept your story, it will lead to confusion and delay.

That's it

All we need to know about you for the moment is on the form. There's no cover letter. Please don't try to shoehorn one in somewhere else. Don't worry; when we need more info, we'll ask for it.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.