Ends on February 28, 2018

We're publishing an anthology of the best vegan science fiction and fantasy of 2017.

What 'vegan' means here:

Formal requirements:

  • Vegan - Stories must be entirely vegan, and they must have been vegan when originally published. They don't have to be about vegans or veganism.
  • Length - 1,000 - 8,000 words
  • Venue - We're restricting eligibility to stories originally published in venues that paid $.01/word or more.
  • Reprints only - we're only looking for stories that were published elsewhere in the last year.
  • Original form - The stories must be exactly as originally published, except for correction of typographic errors and similar minor corrections. Again, we don't want stories that have been 'veganized' for this anthology.


Follow the industry standard format defined by William Shunn. He has templates available, or you can use ours. We prefer a proportional, serif font like Cambria or Caladea. Use italics for emphasis, not underlining. Use smart/curly quotes. Use em dashes, not double hyphens.

Your story should be in one of the following file formats: ODT, DOC, DOCX. If you're submitting an ODT, please add a few blank lines at the bottom. Otherwise Submittable's presentation manager will cut off the last line of your story.

  • We pay $.01/word for non-exclusive electronic and print rights.
  • Payment is by PayPal only.
You're free to submit your story any time after it's published. However, note that we won't be making any final decisions until early spring.
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